Spotlight: Megasone

Megasone” started out as a fun project to test VST synth and effects plug-ins and to learn the ropes mixing and mastering in Ableton Live. Somehow all the music that came out had a distinct “dance”  sound, and when the Remixus contest arrived, it was time to give this project a name.

Megasone has a nice, not-so-modest electronic dance ring to it. The domain name was free (a very important factor nowadays in determining names), so from that happy day on, this will be the nom de guerre for my electronic dance music.

For Megasone, two projects are at this time in the process of being ignored. First the collection of 2 years of learning the ropes. I need to remix around 10 songs to create a consistent set and release them as a sort of “Megasone – The Early Years”. The other project is creating 7 songs around the theme of the Seven Deadly Sins.

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